The FIA introduced changes for the 2019 WRC season at the World Motor Sport Council meeting in Paris yesterday.

WRC Manufacturer teams are limited to 42 test days next season. Meaning the average amount of test days per event per team is 3. The teams are currently allowed to test 55 days.

The maximum distance of special stages has also been reduced next season, from  a maximum of 500 kilometres to a maximum of 350 kilometres.

Priority 1 drivers will be able to choose their permanent car number from 2019 ‘’in order to give consistent identity to drivers and assist with promotion’’. Car number 1 is the only exception in this rule, as it is reserved for the reigning WRC-champion. This car number rule is now the same as it is in Formula 1.

There will be a new championship for WRC-2 registered manufacturers like Skoda Motorsport, the FIA WRC-2  Pro Championship. This championship consists Drivers, Co-Drivers and Manufacturers titles.

Which means that the current WRC-2 championship is only meant for private competitors in 2019. The changes to the WRC-2 championship are introduced ‘’to increase the number of entrants, factory supported drivers/cars and encourage private competitors.’’

The WRC-3 championship has been ceased for 2019. But two-wheel drive rally cars will still be eligible to enter WRC events in 2019.  The format of the Junior WRC is unchanged in 2019.

The championships are as follow in 2019:
FIA World Rally Championship (Drivers, Co-Drivers & Manufacturers)
FIA WRC-2 Pro Championship (Drivers, Co-Drivers & Manufacturers)
FIA WRC-2 Championship (Drivers & Co-Drivers)
FIA Junior WRC Championship (Drivers, Co-Drivers & Nations)